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Why We Need Your Help

Why We Need Your Help

Build Faith, Inspire Hope, and Ignite Change

Catholic Extension is strengthening faith communities in America’s poorest places by providing the funding and resources needed for the Church to thrive. We enable these poor Catholic communities to create a better future for themselves, their families, and our whole country.

You can help change lives and make a profound impact on the future of these poor faith communities—their leaders, ministries and church buildings—through a planned gift to Catholic Extension.

  • Support the growing number of vocations to the priesthood, religious life and lay ministry emerging from these faith communities, and enable them to receive the training and instruction needed to serve the faithful.
  • Invest in ministries serving the large numbers of young people in these poor communities who will build up the Church’s future.
  • Support the construction and renovation of churches and facilities needed to meet the critical demand in the dioceses we serve, where parishes are growing rapidly.

You are the reason our work is possible. With a gift to Catholic Extension from your will, trust, or by beneficiary designation, you become a partner in building up these vibrant faith communities across the country. These places of hope are the future of our Church. These are the places where our Church is at its most inspiring.

Come join us on this journey to provide Catholics across America with the resources they need to better celebrate a rich faith that will transform hearts, lives and our entire society.


  • Father John Wall
  • Anthony Trujillo
  • Annunciation House
  • Father Enrique Herrera
  • Welcoming Mercy
  • Mound Bayou
  • Creative Evangelization in McKee, KY
  • Father Ron Foshage, M.S.