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Supporters Like You

Supporters Like You

Meet other supporters like you who are committed to building up and strengthening Catholic faith communities in America’s poorest places.

Loren Schillinger

Coming Full Circle

Loren Schillinger has a unique perspective on Catholic Extension. He was raised in a mission diocese, attending a church that Catholic Extension helped to fund…

Wayne Buchman

A Drop in the Ocean

Mostly our lives evolve gradually, but sometimes the twists and turns are sharper. Wayne Buchman knows the exact object, the moment in time…

John Kniola

Donor Honors the Love that He Lost

John Kniola, a man of vast and colorful interests, donates to two places: his local church and Catholic Extension…

Robert Buckley

A Donor Shares the Missionary Spirit of Catholic Extension

Long-time Catholic Extension donor and Legacy Club member Robert Buckley turned 80 years old on Palm Sunday…

Eleanor Rowe

She Volunteered to Help Others and Her Own Life Was Transformed

In 1965, when college senior Eleanor Rowe signed up to be an Extension Lay Volunteer, she had no idea what the future held…

Jeanne Bereza

Finding God Outdoors – Spiritual Awareness Through Nature’s Gifts

Jeanne Bereza’s email address is revealing. It has the words “bike” and “ski” combined…