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Build Faith, Inspire Hope, and Ignite Change

When you support Catholic Extension Society, you are strengthening faith communities in America’s poorest places by providing the funding and resources needed for the Church to thrive. Together, we enable these isolated and/or financially under-resourced Catholic dioceses to create a better future for themselves, their families, and our whole country.

You are making an impact in the following ways:

Education and Support

A critical need for the church is the availability of trained, competent, and faithful ministers. With your help, Catholic Extension Society supports efforts to develop well-trained diocesan and parish leaders in sufficient numbers to sustain excellence in church life.

Listen to sisters participating in the U.S.-Latin American Sisters Exchange Program share reflections on some of the unique ways they serve and learn how they are transforming lives in the Latino immigrant communities they help:


Youth Ministries

The vibrancy and viability of a Catholic community largely depends on its ability to share the faith with the next generation. With your help, Catholic Extension Society funds pastoral and faith formation needs of young Catholics as identified by their parish leadership. Additionally, Catholic Extension Society supports initiatives that develop new leaders in the church among young Catholics.

See how young Latinx Catholics are embracing the faith, and meet a young Catholic woman leading the way in Tennessee:

Church Construction and Renovation

Catholic Extension Society funds the construction, expansion, or renovation of churches and facilities that enable the dynamic practice of faith and promote the experience of church community. 

Hear from Dr. Veronica Rayas about how Catholic Extension Society donors enabled the Diocese of El Paso to build an arts and cultural center to enrich the lives of middle school youth:

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